Disability Allowance


WINZ have an allowance that may assist with therapy costs called the Disability Allowance.

It is a weekly non taxable rate currently set at $60.17.  This means that if you see me once a fortnight you would only have to top up the payment by approximately $39.66 (or $20 a week).

To qualify you must:

  • meet an income test
  • have a disability which is likely to last at least 6 months (the term ‘disability’ is quite flexible here- it includes ‘stress’ or anxiety or other emotional difficulties or physical illness or accident)
  • have ongoing, additional costs arising from that disability
  • be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident or
  • deemed to hold a residence class visa in New Zealand under the Immigration Act 2009 (e.g. Australian citizens or residents) and
  • generally be ordinarily resident in New Zealand

You can apply online or can download and print an application form.  For those who are receiving work and income assistance use this application form, if you are not already receiving work and income assistance use this application form.


Disability allowance – the Process

  1. Contact me and arrange for a quote for therapy services
  2. Contact WINZ (if you complete your application in 20 working days, WINZ will likely cover you from the date you first contact them)
  3. See your GP and complete the form with them
  4. Submit your application with WINZ