I completed my PhD on Risk-Taking and Psychosocial Functioning of Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder at Canterbury University.

This thesis contains a study comprising of four phases that explore the relationship between ADHD and four risk-laden outcomes.

The first phase illustrates the relationship between ADHD and self-destructive behaviours including self-harm and suicidal ideation and attempts, which were found to be significantly mediated by coping behaviour and psychological comorbidity. The second phase reports on the relationship between ADHD and a range of risk-taking behaviours including: violence risk, nicotine use and sexual risk-taking, and the mediating role of motivational variances, including reward sensitivity and temporal discounting. The third phase illustrates the moderating effect of childhood abuse victimisation on ADHD in increasing the vulnerability of the development of mood disorders in adulthood. A fourth phase explores a range of physical health outcomes including diet, exercise, chronic illness and disability which were not found to be significantly associated with ADHD in adulthood.




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