A range of assessment and therapy services are offered by LightBox Psychology.  I have particular experience in the fields of Health Psychology (adults and children) and adult ADHD.


Health and Well-being

I have experience in the field of health psychology including: children and adults coping with cancer, irritable bowel disease, kidney disease, cardiac conditions, as well as a number of other conditions.  I take a family systems approach to my work with children (parents will be asked to participate in some sessions) and often use an acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) approach to coping with health conditions (see FAQ for more information about ACT).  I am also experienced in working with individuals and families with existential issues in response to serious illness.


General Psychotherapy

I offer psychotherapy for ‘everyday’ difficulties and coping with life events including stress/ distress, sleep problems, mood and anxiety difficulties, and grief and bereavement.  I employ cognitive behavioral therapy techniques within a framework of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).   I tend to work collaboratively in my practice therefore all therapy plans are tailored to individual needs or preferences.


Young People

I am very enthusiastic about working with children and young people and have worked in a variety of settings with youth (such as CanTeen, CYFS, Christchurch Hospital). I have worked with a range of ages from very young children (attachment, adjustment to parenting and sleep issues) through to young adults. Behavioural problems such as ADHD, bullying and conflict and communication problems are common issues for referral. I also work with young people and families who are dealing with regulation problems such as sleeping or eating difficulties and or medical issues such as cancer, disability and pain. Young people who attend my sessions often deal with a range of challenges, from anxiety and depression to distress and self-harm or suicide. I find great enjoyment in the flexibility and creativity required to work with young people and often work closely and systemically with family members, while respecting the privacy of the young person. Young people and families report that they appreciate my transparency, respect and level of collaboration with them.


Cancer Support

I have worked with children and young people at the Children’s Haematology and Oncology Centre (CHOC) and LEAP (Late Effects Assessment Programme) at Christchurch Public Hospital.

I believe that it is important to not only work with individuals experiencing cancer but also family members.  This is especially true for parents with children or young people affected by cancer that may have difficulty with coping with the process of treatment as well as the on-going uncertainty and disruption that can impact families.

I am an approved provider for the Cancer Society and Can Teen, to see what I can offer please follow the links for the Cancer Society and Can Teen.


Adult ADHD


Complete assessments for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in adulthood are offered by Mairin, a clinical psychologist with a PhD and publications on Adult ADHD.  This assessment covers a developmental assessment in addition to current cognitive functioning.  The assessment involves a 90 minute face to face interview in addition to 2 .5 – 3 hours of psychometric testing.  The assessment culminates in a written psychological report which can be helpful for dealing with academic or work difficulties. In addition, this report can be used for therapy planning including referral for medication options.

ADHD Psychotherapy

I use an integrated therapy approach with adult ADHD. This includes cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, based on up-to-date research which are used to help support adults with ADHD in achieving their goals and coming to terms with current difficulties.  In addition, adult coaching services are offered in which more directive, detailed strategies are employed.  The differences between these approaches and your preferences can be discussed with you beforehand.

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